Message from the President

Aiming to Be a Copper Tube Manufacturer with a Strong Presence on the Global Stage

The Kobelco and Materials Copper Tube Group was established in 2004 through a merger of Kobe Steel, Ltd. and Mitsubishi Materials Corporation’s copper tube divisions. Since that time the Group has been contributing to better lives worldwide through copper tubes for air-conditioners and other high-quality, high-performance products.

The global demand for copper tubes continues to expand, not only in developed nations but also in emerging and developing countries. At the same time, customer needs in the copper tube field are growing increasingly sophisticated and complex. For instance, the growing importance of environmental conservation requires development of copper tubes that are compatible with newer, more environmentally friendly coolants, while more energy-efficient, smaller-sized units require copper tubes with greater thermal conductivity.

In order to respond to market changes, Kobelco and Materials Copper Tube established production and sales locations at an early stage in Thailand and Malaysia, to connect directly with growing markets. In recent years we have also constructed an optimized global production system to coordinate Group sites in Japan and overseas. These steps have allowed us to deliver high-quality, high-performance copper tubes, in a timely fashion, to customers in locations worldwide. We have also established a Group R&D and technological development center at our Japanese plant, and work in close cooperation with outside research institutes to grasp the needs of the times and match those needs with sophisticated, front-line development.

With our sophisticated research and development capacity, sound technological strengths, and coordinated global production system, we will continue to meet the increasing demand and diversifying needs of the world. We look forward to the challenges the market will bring, and aim to be a copper tube manufacturer with a strong presence on the global stage. As always, we are sincerely grateful for your support.

President Yutaka Masuno

Yutaka Masuno
President and CEO