Cupro-Therm CTX Dual-Layer Copper Tubes

A next-generation piping material that joins the exceptional advantages of copper tubes with the workability of plastic-covered tubes.

Cupro-Them CTX features a thin-walled inner copper tube for greater pliability, allowing the tube to be bent by hand. In addition, the special CTX joint makes coupling simple. Safety provision tubing through walls are available for installation in apartment buildings.

  • Fireproof measures for fireproof compartment penetration certification number
    (Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport certification No.: P060WL-0675,Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan certification No.: KK25-006)
  • Manufacturer: Furukawa Techno Material Co., Ltd. Fire Prevention Products Division

Photograph of Cupro-Therm CTX Dual-Layer Copper Tubes

Advantage 1 Thinner Copper Tube, Lower Cost Weight is 1/2 of conventional copper tubes, for easier handling!
Using a special cutter, the tube can be severed with a single pass

Advantage 2 Pliability Unmatched by Conventional Metal Tubes The plastic coating and glued joints ensure strength while also improving ease-of-handling

Advantage 3 Special Joints for Easy Coupling One-touch and press joints eliminate the need for brazing, allowing for greater workability

Advantage 4 The Advantages of Copper Tubes Highly antibacterial, recyclable, earthquake-resistant, anti-freezing, and thermally conductive