Message from the President

Keep Moving Forward with Copper Tube
-We are a copper tube manufacturer
using top-level technologies to
provide quality product.

The KMCT Group has been providing copper tubes for air conditioning and a wide range of industries both in Japan and overseas since 2004.

The Group’s business environment is recovering from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we expect demand in our core market of products used in air conditioners and air conditioning equipment to remain steady in Japan and continue to grow overseas. We also anticipate a growing need for energy-saving and eco-friendly products to help meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which we expect to be accompanied by calls for products with higher added-value, such as with smaller-diameter copper tubes.

While doing our part to preserve limited resources and help create a sustainable society, we are strengthening our earnings base, advancing our technological capabilities, and capitalizing on the high standard of Japanese manufacturing to deliver copper tube products with consistent high quality.

The KMCT Group is returning to its roots in manufacturing while at the same time emphasizing the importance of evolving and changing as we contribute to creating comfortable spaces.

Masatoshi Taguchi President and CEO

Masatoshi Taguchi
President and CEO