Insulated Tubes

A variety of insulated copper tube products are available.

Copper tubes offer a variety of advantages when used as piping materials, including superior workability and bending, antibacterial and sanitary properties, absence of environmental hormones, and the ability to withstand earthquake due to excellent fatigue characteristics. At KMCT we offer insulated tubes coated in a variety of materials that offer exceptional thermal insulation conductivity.

* CUPROTHERM® and CTX®are trademarks of WIELAND-WERKEAKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, registered in the JAPAN and other countries.

Photograph of insulated tubes

Cupro-Therm® CTX® Dual-Layer Copper Tubes

A next-generation piping material that joins the exceptional advantages of copper tubes with the workability of plastic-covered tubes.

Photograph of Cupro-Therm CTX Dual-Layer Copper Tube

Thermo-ECO Type F for kerosene tubes

Photograph of Thermo-ECO Type F for kerosene tubesCorrosion resistant and workable phosphorus deoxidized copper, coated in highly thermal-insulating material. Ease-of-handling and attractiveness make this tube an excellent choice for indoor piping.

Cold/Hot Water Supply Insulated Tubes

Photograph of Cold/Hot Water Supply Insulated TubesCold/Hot Water Supply Insulated Tubes combine high-performance copper tubes and the insulating properties of air with an outer plastic coating, resulting in labor-saving piping that combines the necessary elements of insulation in one compact product.

PICOLESS Pitting Corrosion-Resistant Insulated Tubes

Resistance to pitting corrosion has been improved by adding small amounts of special metals, which ensures long and reliable use.

Photograph of PICOLESS Pitting-Resistant Insulated Tubes