Copper Alloy Tubes

We develop and supply a variety of copper alloy tubing, offering exceptional heat, pressure and corrosion resistance.

High-Strength Copper Alloy

(JIS standard, exemplified standard related to refrigeration safety under the High Pressure Gas Safety Law registered materials)

Alloy Features
MA5J (JIS H3300 C1565) A small amount of Cobalt is added to improve strength.
KHRT (JIS H3300 C5010) Tine is added to allow greater strength, ductility, and heat resistance.
HRS35LT (JIS H3300 C1862) Cobalt and other metals are added to provide higher strength and heat resistance.

Pitting Corrosion-Resistant/Anti-Scaling Copper Alloy

Alloy Features
PICOLESS/PICOLESS G (insulated tube) Highly resistant to pitting corrosion occasionally caused by water quality.

Ant-Nest Corrosion Resistant Copper Alloy

Alloy Features
KALT Highly resistant to ant-nest corrosion caused by corrosion-promoting organic substances.