Hatano Plant

Plant Overview

Location Hirasawa 65, Hadano City, Kanagawa 257-0015
TEL: +81-463-82-3111 FAX: +81-463-83-1920
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Established June 1967
Product lines Air-conditioner copper tubes (inner-grooved tubes, smooth bore tubes, outer-finned tubes), copper tubes for construction and cold/hot water supply (smooth bore tubes), other general copper tubing
Affiliated companies Hatano Pipe Center Co., Ltd. Hirasawa 65, Hadano City, Kanagawa 257-0015
TEL: +81-463-82-7468 FAX: +81-463-82-2556
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Plant Features

The Hatano Plant began operation in June 1967 as the Kobe Steel, Ltd. Hatano Plant. With comprehensive facilities including melting furnaces, the plant’s annual production capacity is 60,000 tons. The Hatano Plant is also the only one of KMCT Group’s plants to house a research and development department, making it integral to the support of overseas Group companies. In addition to products such as air-conditioning copper tubes (including high-performance inner-grooved copper tubes) and copper alloy tubes compatible with new environmentally friendly refrigerants, the plant also produces copper tubes for construction and hot/cold water supply. With sophisticated technological development, production technologies, and ongoing development of equipment, the Hatano Plant supplies high-quality and high-performance products.

Exterior view of Hatano Plant


Office lobby

(Photograph) The Hatano Plant slogan: “Let’s aim to be the world’s best copper tube manufacturer!”

The Hatano Plant slogan