Other Products

We handle a wide range of distinctive copper tubes.

Capillary Tubes

Capillary tubes used in areas such as refrigerant piping for air-conditioners and refrigerators.

Photograph of capillary tubes

Integrated Capillary Tubes

Uniting the capillary tube with its connecting (brazing) portion lowers costs while also raising quality and reliability.

Photograph of integrated capillary tubes

Fabricated Piping Parts

Focusing on internal piping parts for air-conditioners, we supply a variety of fabricated copper tube products, with treatments including bending, brazing, contraction and expansion.

Photograph of fabricated piping parts

Medical Gas Tubes

Copper pipes used as medical gas piping in hospitals and medical facilities.

Photograph of Medical Gas Tubes

 Flat Tubes

Rectangular copper tubes used for turbine generator stator coils.

Photograph of Flat Tubes

High-fin Tubes

Copper or aluminum tubes with a high groove shape molded on the outer surface are used in heat exchangers of radar and exposure equipment.

Photograph of High-fin Tubes