Production/Supply A production network comprising four plants, with the Hatano Plant at the network's crux. With the advanced production technology and quality control, the plants efficiently produce reliable goods.

4-Plant Global Supply Network

The KMCT Group maintains a 4-plant global supply network, with plants in Japan and Thailand.

Diagram of 3-plant global supply network

Hatano Plant

The crux of KMCT Group plants, with comprehensive facilities including melting furnaces.

Exterior view of Hatano Plant

Moji Plant (Moji Metal Products Division)

Distinctive product groups plant of copper alloy tubes, molds, composite processed products, and others.

Exterior view of Moji Plant (Moji Metal Products Division)

KMCT Thailand

A state-of-the-art copper tube plant in Southeast Asia, with annual capacity of 30,000 tons.

Exterior view of KMCT Thailand

Sambo Piping Thailand

Mainly manufactures copper pipe processed products and parts that are incorporated in air conditioning.

Exterior view of Sambo Piping Thailand