4-Plant Global Supply Network

As a global copper tube and processed products manufacturer,
KMCT will strengthen collaboration between plants in Japan and Thailand.

Hatano Plant KMCT Thailand Moji Plant, Moji Metal Products Division Sambo Piping Thailand

Hatano Plant

The Hatano Plant focuses on supplying copper tubes to the Japanese market. As the crux of the Group’s production network, it also serves a central role in technological development and human resource development.

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Moji Plant, Moji Metal Products Division

Moji Plant produces products with distinctive technical capabilities, such as copper alloy tubes for heat exchangers, tube molds for steel casting, composite wire rods, and grooved double-tube heat exchangers.

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KMCT Thailand

KMCT Thailand's Plant is a mass-production plant and global supplier specializing in general-purpose goods for export to Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere. During peak production times in Japan it also supports the Hatano Plant by exporting products to the Japanese market.

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Sambo Piping Thailand

Sambo Piping manufactures copper pipe processed products and parts that are incorporated in air conditioning.

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