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KMCT Thailand provides world-class high-quality copper tubes to countries worldwide, using state-of-the-art equipment made in Japan, Europe and America, and carrying out strict quality control inspections from materials down to shipping. The plant deploys copper tube manufacturing technologies, based on research results from Japan that aim to increase quality and meet new demands. Utilizing this technological know-how, KMCT Thailand also offers advice and support to its customers.

In order to stay current with the latest technologies, KMCT Thailand creates a variety of employee training opportunities, which include training courses in Japan. Workplace improvement activities have also been rolled out, with full employee participation. KMCT Thailand values its employees, the environment, and the community. As part of safety measures, the plant proactively carries out accident prediction training, engages in conservation efforts such as energy conservation and tree-planting, and works towards a more prosperous society including support for disadvantaged youth and flood victims. In recognition of their many good works, the Thailand Ministry of Industry has certified KMCT Thailand with Environmental Good Governance and Green Industry Level 3 accreditation.

  • ISO 9001 mark
    ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001 mark
    ISO 14001
  • Environmental Good Governance mark
    Good Governance
  • Green Industry mark
    Green Industry


Accident prediction training contest




Supporting children

Exports from KMCT Thailand

Diagram of exports from KMCT Thailand

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities

Melting furnaces


  • Southwire (made in America)
    Shaft furnace
  • Roma (made in America)
    Continuous casting machine
  • Casting capacity
    6,000 t/month

Rolling mills


  • SMS Meer (made in Germany)
    Cold reducer
  • Rolling capacity
    1,500 t/month per machine
    (x2 machines)

Cold drawing machines


  • MRB Schumag (made in Britain)
    Spinner bull block
  • Drawing capacity
    500 t/month per machine
    (x6 machines)