Inner-Grooved Tubes

Copper tubes with inner grooving, for use in applications such as air-conditioner heat exchangers.

Inner-grooved copper tubes were created to help improve energy efficiency and reduce size in air-conditioners. At KMCT we offer high-quality and high-performance inner-grooved tubes to meet the diverse needs of customers.

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Photograph of inner-grooved tubes

Advantage 1 Thermal Conductivity is Greatly Improved Inner grooving increases the internal surface space, while the groove’s torsion promotes turbulent flow and evaporation and condensation heat transfer, resulting in improved performance.

Advantage 2 Compatible with the Latest Technologies Compatible with high-performance technologies such as high fin and high lead angle treatments.

Advancements in Inner-Groved Tube Technology

High Fin Technology

Greater inner surface area and improved agitation help contribute to higher performance.

Diagram showing high fin technology

Structural diagram of inner-grooved tube

High Lead Angle Technology

  • A tube’s lead angle strongly reflects its rate of condensation heat transfer.

Diagram showing high lead angle