Cupro-Therm® CTX® Dual-Layer Copper Tubes

A next-generation piping material that joins the exceptional advantages of copper tubes with the workability of plastic-covered tubes.

Cupro-Them® CTX® features a thin-walled inner copper tube for greater pliability, allowing the tube to be bent by hand. In addition, the special CTX® joint makes coupling simple. Safety provision tubing through walls are available for installation in apartment buildings.

  • Fireproof measures for fireproof compartment penetration certification number
    (Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport certification No.: P060WL-0675,Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan certification No.: KK25-006)
  • Manufacturer: Furukawa Techno Material Co., Ltd. Fire Prevention Products Division

Photograph of Cupro-Therm® CTX® Dual-Layer Copper Tubes

Advantage 1 Thinner Copper Tube, Lower Cost Weight is 1/2 of conventional copper tubes, for easier handling!
Using a special cutter, the tube can be severed with a single pass

Advantage 2 Pliability Unmatched by Conventional Metal Tubes The plastic coating and glued joints ensure strength while also improving ease-of-handling

Advantage 3 Special Joints for Easy Coupling One-touch and press joints eliminate the need for brazing, allowing for greater workability

Advantage 4 The Advantages of Copper Tubes Highly antibacterial, recyclable, earthquake-resistant, anti-freezing, and thermally conductive